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Aggi started her yoga journey 15 years ago and she remember's crying in her first class out of pure frustration when she couldn't relax in Savasana. She started to learn that our 'go go go' society needs new ways to relearn how to relax. 

She's been attracted to power yoga in her personal practice and has been lucky enough to study with some of the best yoga teachers in the world including Sadie Nardini in California and Iyengar in India. However after her teacher training in India she started a beautiful self-practice of a more nurturing traditional yoga type including lots of pranayama and meditation. 

She facilitates a space of non-judgement, freedom and unconditional love while guiding students through a gentle yoga practice, encouraging reconnection to our true selves. She promises her students that they will feel the benefits of the yoga practice after just one session! 

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Dom teaches a yoga of ease based in Sivananda Hatha Yoga as well as the teachings of Sivananda Paramahamsa and Dr Padmanabha Pillai. He combines the practices of Meditation, Asana, Pranayama and Mantra together with Yoga Therapy and the esoteric teachings of Kabbalah to share a holistic practice with his students.

Dom firmly believes in the healing power of yogic practices and is inspired to share all that he has learnt. He has a passion for helping people discover their own unique expression and cares deeply for his students. In yoga Dom has found his most authentic offering.”

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Ben is an Animal Flow instructor, personal trainer and mobility coach with a keen passion for yoga. 

His passion lies in the quality of movement and his personal practice includes Animal Flow, Yoga, Gymnastics, and weight training. 

With years of knowledge in many forms of movement training this workshop is set to be an informative, light-hearted exploration.

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Fiona dipped her toe in the Ashtanga waters 16 years ago with a weekly ashtanga class. “I was an incredibly strong but super stiff with knackered knees!”

Fiona was soon compelled to start practicing traditional Mysore Ashtanga yoga at Ashtanga yoga London. This eventually led her to take two trips to Mysore, south India to learn from the Guru.  

Fiona’s friends and family saw the positive affect Ashtanga had on her and were soon asking for lessons.

Fiona completed her teacher training with Brian Cooper PhD in 2011.   

Fiona has taught Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga for the last 9 years in the UK and Europe is a Thai Yoga Massage therapist and holds further qualification in anatomy and physiology as well as being Teen Yoga UK qualified teacher.

Fiona classes are focused yet fun, an experienced teacher who has taught everyone from professional athletes  to those with limited mobility, everyone is welcome in class.  

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From earning her degree in Sports Science, Gabby has furthered her studies in Anatomy, Physiology and Movement with Yoga and Pilates and blends her knowledge to create bespoke training plans for clients ranging in age from 2 years to 80 years of age, from complete beginners to athletes.

Gabby believes by learning how to breathe calmly and remaining in the state of relative physical relaxation, even whilst dealing with stressors or negative memories, is an essential tool for recovery.




Isie has been practicing yoga for nearly 20 years and completed her Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher training in 2014.  Since then she has taken her passion and enthusiasm for Ashtanga Vinyasa and the more contemporary Rocket Yoga to start teaching classes and sharing her excitement for the practice with in her classes. 

Isie then developed a passion for Yin Yoga and continued her training, believing it to be a perfect balance between the dynamic yoga styles and the slower classes.

Isie believes in yoga and it's power to bring about change, not only in one single person, but in a greater sense.  In all of her classes, she provides yoga instruction for everyone in a fun and practical way, regardless of how stiff or bendy, weak or strong you may be. 


"Yoga has the power to create positivity and change, acceptance and humility in whoever chooses to practice."  

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I started to fall in love with pilates just after my son was born (nearly 15 years ago!) as I was advised to by my osteopath who spotted that  I am hypermobile. I really enjoyed my classes and eventually, my instructor convinced me to train as an instructor myself. I have always worked for BA so to retrain at my ripe old age was a daunting but exciting thought. I qualified in 2015,  as a level 3 matwork pilates instructor. My training was with Body Control Pilates. I have trained in all small equipment and am also qualified in teaching on the reformer too. I have since focused more on my teaching than my airline world, where I now work “very part-time”. I love the challenges and the different people I come across each day when teaching.

I have gained certification in Pre and Post Natal Pilates. I am also trained in Pilates for Children, Pilates for Golfers, Cyclists,  and I have also qualified in HIP Pilates which is a High Impact Power class, using all the principles of pilates but taking the heart rate into the cardio, fat burning stage.




Joelle has always been fascinated by the relationship between mind and body. After graduating from Kings College London with a degree in Neuroscience she developed a regular yoga practice and became dedicated to the study and practice of yoga.  Passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga with others Joelle trained as a yoga teacher in London in 2011 and regularly attends workshops and teacher training courses to deepen her understanding.  


Joelle has completed many Ashtanga teacher training courses with experienced teachers. She continues to explore the science of yoga through self practice as well as further study with her teachers. 


Joelle’s yoga classes involve a sequence of postures, focusing on linking breath with movement in a dynamic flow to leave you feeling energised, invigorated and relaxed.  Her belief is that yoga is about learning to respect your body whilst daring to push your limits to improve the strength and flexibility of body and mind.  She strives to share a practice that is challenging, dynamic, and accessible for all.

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Kim is originally from a small island in the South of Thailand, where life was easy & simple and everyone knew everyone. Doors were open 24 hrs, people always smiled and it was this that was the big change in moving to the UK. Moving to England was like a new world. The language, the weather, the time difference, the culture, the way people work. Soo much change made her lose confidence, which made her feel angry.


She was first introduced to yoga by a Iyengar Yoga teacher friend of hers when she went back to Thailand on holiday in 2014. This is where her yoga journey began. Practicing yoga helped Kim find her true self again after losing her confidence when emigrating. 


Kim’s teaching style is based on Vinyasa & movement mobility. She brings unique techniques that she has picked up over the years from her heritage and other cultural practices from Southeast Asia and inspiration from her favourite teachers. 




Whilst studying Contemporary Dance at university, Marika started practicing yoga regularly in as a way of developing her physical strength and flexibility.

She soon experienced the overwhelming mental benefits that yoga also offers, and felt an urge to research this further. Marika's inquiry led her to explore movement and meditation as a way of finding wellbeing, looking into forms of movement healing for her BA dissertation, exploring topics such as Shamanism and 5 Rhythms Dance. For her MA dissertation she continued with this research, looking into ways of finding freedom through movement improvisation. 


To Marika, yoga is an extension of these ideas, not just a physical practice but a way of understanding the self; a way of finding freedom within the mind and body, creating a connection with the present moment and discovering the secrets of the soul. As her yoga practice progressed over the years she felt a desire to pursue it further and finally decided to undertake my 200hr yoga teacher training with the hope of eventually bringing this gift to others.

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Palka strongly believe yoga is not about being able to perform difficult postures or sitting still with eyes closed but it is based on a deep philosophy of how we choose to live our lives.  

It is a never ending learning process, both on and off the mat. 


Yoga has helped Palka find balance, peace and harmony during trying times.  She takes it as her responsibility to share the wisdom of yoga to help students develop a sincere practice and find the essence of their yoga journey.  

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Sam is an internationally certified Yoga and Pilates instructor who recently relocated back to the UK from Hong Kong where she lived for 6 years. She specialises in teaching Vinyasa flow, Yin yoga and mat-based Pilates to both beginner and intermediate students.


Her classes are light-hearted, creative and encouraging, with plenty of options available to suit all levels of practitioner regardless of age, motivation or ability. She aims to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere where each student leaves feeling happier, calmer and more in tune with their body than when they arrived.. With clear vocal cues and a smooth, natural flow between postures, Sam’s classes aim to connect movement of the body with awareness of the breath.


Her love of Yoga started with the physical - the increased flexibility, strength and space she felt in her body after just a few classes was amazing. Although the increased mobility and strength is still a big motivator, today Yoga is first and foremost a mental health tool. It has taught her the importance of connecting with and listening to her body, providing her with a better sense of calm and helping her become more aware of her thoughts, actions and effect on others.

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Sarah is known for her commitment to intelligently and creatively sequence classes, with a focus on safe, healing alignment. She weaves yoga philosophy, themes, and heart-felt humor as she teaches how to soften and embrace the dance of life deeply in the present moment.


Vinyasa flow is a fluid, dynamic style of yoga that builds stability, strength, and flexibility in both the physical and subtle energy body. The journey of each practice becomes a heart-centered, moving meditation. Breath becomes the gateway to our inner realm, awakening and directing prana to cultivate presence, centering, clarity, and happiness.


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Sally credits her practice with teaching her to nurture herself and becoming further at peace both in herself and with everything around her. Yoga taught her to be patient, committed and kind, starting with herself first so it comes more easily when giving to others. Being patient with poses/asanas and not pushing herself, accepting how she is in that moment, in that position, without judgement and knowing that eventually it will come.


Yoga has taught her that what she thought was impossible, IS possible. This theory has continued into her life, being kind to others, to not push things too much and to rest in confidence that she can achieve what may seem impossible with patience and dedication. She has been practising the Ashtanga vinyasa system since 2012 and has now begun to explore other forms of yoga. Sally completed her training at Ashtanga Yoga, Mysore - India.




A friendly and accommodating yoga teacher with 14 years of teaching experience, which supports her strong ability to guide students smoothly through the exquisite waves of a Kundalini yoga experience.


Siri Arti came to yoga 30 years ago, after a traumatic car accident left her 18 year old body battered. Restoring to health through the strictness of Iyengar yoga, she was hooked, and has been exploring and studying yoga and well being ever since. With a strong specialism in Children’s Yoga and as a Yoga therapist to many, she focuses on meeting students where they are at, and gently bringing them closer to themselves, to access their potential. 


At the heart of her practice is the creative and colourful Kundalini yoga, a transformative practice which she is passionate about. In addition to Kundalini yoga, Siri Arti has achieved certifications in Elemental yoga, Teen yoga, Hatha yoga, Pregnancy yoga, Children’s yoga, Special Needs yoga and is the founder of Starchild Yoga Teacher Training. As a lover of further education, she will be embarking on a 580 hours Yoga Therapy training course for mental health in 2020. Although there has been a lot of knowledge gathered over the years, Sirti Arti is skilled at simplifying and demystifying the practice to make it accessible to all.


In her, you will find a teacher of integrity, depth, knowledge and lightness. She will guide you effortlessly through the transformative practice of Kundalini yoga and bring you sweetly back to yourself. In this class, you will be challenged, nurtured, held and restored, leaving slightly altered yet balanced once again.