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A warm invitation to you for this Special Autumn Gong Bath & Sound Experience: Come and take a deep dive into a realm of sonic relaxation with Jackie King an experienced sound specialists in the sumptuous space of Leo Yoga.


Join her for an extended hour and half sound immersion experience - A guided meditation taking you into hearing the power of gongs, chimes, singing bowls, and other instruments to help you to nourish, release, renew and re-balance.

Simply come along, cozy in with blankets and cushions, close your eyes and let me do the work of weaving a tapestry of magical sounds to transport you into a space of healing and deep peace. Your body will resonate with the frequencies from the gongs and as your brainwaves are lowered you enter into a meditative state resulting in a positive influence on the immune system, your health and well-being.

The Ancients knew all about sound: we are now re-discovering its health benefits in today's busy modern world. Sound bathing promotes mental clarity, emotional well-being, develops intuition and creativity.


For an extra special, soothing yet ‘out of this world’ experience, the most powerful instruments of sound healing I use are my four alchemy crystal singing bowls.
Being forged in 99.999% pure quartz, they give unsurpassed sound purity and resonance.
Each bowl is totally unique in character, sound and elemental recipe. When played, they ‘sing’ several sound frequencies at once (which are tuned to work with endocrine (hormonal) glands and energy centers of the body) to powerfully support natural, harmonious physical function and quickly transport your mind into a peaceful, regenerative state.

Come and experience the healing power of sound!
Treat yourself and your loved ones to some well-deserved timeout as you honor your inner well-being.

What to Bring?
Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a blanket, cushion and a yoga mats provided and bolsters. Also, extra cushioning to lie on so you are comfy on the floor such as a sleeping bag.

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Jackie has been teaching for over 2 decades and is a senior yoga alliance teacher with over 10000 hours under her belt.

Jackie believes that anyone can do yoga and her approach is simple, unintimidating and light hearted. She gives clear instructions and offers options for different abilities, focusing on breathing well at the same time as building strength, balance and flexibility. Jackie’s classes are welcoming and accessible to everyone, regardless of age, size, level of fitness or previous experience.