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Reset Your Energy at our Full Day Retreat!

Winter leaving you drained? Reset your mind, body, and thinking with our full-day 'Reset Your Energy' retreat, Sunday 23 February!

Our multi-discipline workshop will incorporate yoga, mindfulness and health insights led by our instructor Sally and a special guest speaker, Elaine Batho. Elaine is a life coach, speaker, yoga teacher and qualified chef with a huge expertise in helping people transform their lives.

You’ll leave the session feeling revitalised and fresh for spring, and prepared with a whole range of skills that will help you feel happier and healthier through the year.

For the next week, we are giving you the opportunity to book on for a special early-bird price of just £70! With a buffet lunch, refreshments, and multi-disciplinary speakers, it’s the most enlightening and effective way to re-start your year.

Book on to the workshop here!

First-ever full-day workshop

Our Reset Your Energy retreat is our first-ever full-day, multi-practitioner session with meals, refreshments and a goody bag all included.

The six-hour session draws together a range of disciplines and skills that combine to be greater than a sum of their parts.

Designed so that each session builds on and complements that which goes before it, you’ll run through a seamless flow of energy and mindfulness that couldn’t be achieved in one single session, and go home with learnings to apply every day.

A multi-disciplinary day

The day will include talks and sessions incorporating breathing workshops, meditation sessions, yoga practice, and talks to give you the tools to unlock health, happiness and nutritional guidance.

The day will start with a Breathing / Pranayama Workshop drawing on the breath techniques of yoga to get your mind prepared for the workshop ahead.

Our guest speaker Elaine will then take you through a Mind Matters Session designed to teach you how to set your mind towards a more positive, healthy outlook that banishes winter blues or underlying anxieties.

We’ll then flow straight from there into a Release & Rejuvenate Yoga session with our instructor Sally Hodgetts to boost your body and mind.

Lunch and Learn will give you the chance to refuel and revitalise with a plant-based buffet lunch. Elaine will keep the momentum going through the meal, advising how diet and nutrition can transform our mood and mind.

If you want a little weekend TLC, there will be a window after lunch to indulge in some additional pampering Treatments as you let your lunch digest!

The day will wrap up with a final Nidra Yoga session that totally releases your mind and allows you to enter a state of conscious deep sleep – it’s the final step in a day that will leave you totally renewed and refreshed.

Book on to our retreat here, only £70 until 31 January!

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