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FAMILY fun with Leo Yoga


"Love is . . . the excitement of planning things together and doing things together." ~Anonymous

Join us for a NEW 45-minute Family Yoga Class with Kristina at 10.45am every Tuesday.

Family yoga is a great opportunity to share your practice with your loved little ones.

It is a great chance to spend some quality time all together influencing your family’s connection and balance giving you and your kids’ the best opportunity to feel confident and supported.

Sign-up HERE to bring the benefits of YOGA to your entire family.

How to get involved…

1. Sign-up for the class per usual via the Leo App or MindBody

2. 15-30 mins prior to the beginning of the session you will receive a link via email providing access to the class

3. Click on the link in the email and if you don't already have zoom, you'll be prompted to download the software.

4. If you do have Zoom then you'll be prompted to enter your name and enter the session by being placed in a "waiting room."

5. When the class begins, the instructor will open the "meeting" and you'll be able to join the session.

6. Enjoy the practice with your entire crew at HOME!

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