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DOM is back at Leo!

We are OVER THE MOON that DOM is back at LEO!

Dom used to teach regularly at Leo Yoga before he took some time off to travel, learn and study yoga. His classes were so popular and Leo members couldn't wait to have him back.

And guess what . . . He's back NOW. 

Dom is inspired to share all that he has learnt & has a passion for helping people discover their own unique journey. He cares deeply for his students and loves seeing them progress both on and off the mat. In yoga Dom has found his authentic offering to the world.

We can't wait to embrace him and what he is offering to share with YOU, our Leo Community both local and abroad. 

SIGN-UP HERE to join his LIVE-STREAMING session on Friday at 9:30am.

About Dom . . . 

Dom teaches a yoga of ease based around the principle of relaxation and being able to breath in each pose. His teaching style is strong yet compassionate with an emphasis on breath work and alignment.​

"If you can not breathe properly (in a pose) it is better to relax than to push yourself. Everything will come in time."

After years as a professional athlete and working in Film & Photography Dom travelled to India to immerse himself in yoga & spirituality.

There he was fortunate to meet Mooji, spend time at the Sivananda & Osho Ashrams and meet many incredible souls who introduced him to Rebirthing, Five Rythmns, Chakra Healing, Tarot, Yoga & Meditation.

This was a turning point and a road out of hedonistic living & depression. 

Upon returning to London he met a respected Mayan Healer and began working with him.

With his teachers guidance he began practicing Iyengar Yoga whilst learning about Tibetan Bon, Buddhism & the energy systems of the body & the natural world.​

Dom is currently studying Kabbalah & the Tree of Life as well as Life Coaching & it has been the combination of these experiences that led him to complete the Sivananda Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala, India & begin his journey as a teacher.​

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