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Boost your body and mind in 2020 with Leo Yoga

Another year, another set of resolutions….

“I’ll not let work and family get me so stressed”

“I’ll get that dodgy back fixed”

“I’ll lose 5kg”

“I’ll work on my mobility every for 15 minutes night to help with my functional fitness”

Etc, etc.…

By February, the diet’s out of the window, you’ve not sought help for your back yet, and you’re so highly-strung that you can’t sleep at night.

Fix all of these things, with one simple resolution…. To start a Yoga Beginners Course with Leo Yoga.

Allow a little yoga into your life with Leo, and live 2020 feeling more energized, less stressed, stronger, more flexible, and more efficient at work.

Unlike those same old resolutions, yoga is a resolution you’ll keep beyond the end of January. Once you’ve started practicing yoga, it becomes as much a part of your life as your morning cup of coffee or your latest box set binge-watch.

But why, and how? Let us explain....

Rapid results, ongoing development

Yoga practice is something that can change the way you feel physically and mentally in a short space of time! If you’re a total beginner to the practice, you’ll find yourself feeling stronger, more energized, calmer and better concentrated within your first sessions.

Yoga practices work parts of your body and mind that go untapped by a run, a gym session, or a meditation app on your phone. Once you’ve unlocked these long-forgotten muscles and learned the breathing and meditation practices inherent to yoga, you’ll feel them flow into your daily life. You’ll sit straighter. You’ll feel more aware of yourself.

However, like all artforms, yoga is something that’s never mastered. Even our most experienced instructors and practitioners say that they feel they’re always learning more, improving their practice, or finding new benefits to regular practice. Yoga isn’t something you’ll ‘complete’ and get bored of.

Yoga is the resolution that keeps on giving!

A mental spring clean

If you find yourself awake all night worrying about everything and nothing, or struggling to concentrate at work, yoga will clear out the clutter from your mind and give you a more stable focus.

The emphasis on breath and rhythm inherent to all yoga practices makes you more aware of your sensations and emotions, allowing you to banish pesky thoughts keeping you up at night or preventing you from finishing your latest work project. You’ll feel more in touch with yourself and understand your thought patterns. It could change the way you act day-in, day-out!

While yoga will boost your concentration and mindfulness, it will also help ease stress and sleep better. Your body will feel more relaxed for sleep, and your mind will be better able to switch off.

A physical fix-all

Yoga does a lot more for your body than you may think. While lifting weights will make you strong, or running will help you shift a few pounds, the physical benefits of yoga are wide-ranging.

Faster, more vigorous flows such as Ashtanga or Vinyasa will get you breaking a sweat, raise your metabolism and tone you up, while the breath and posture work of Hatha will make you more flexible and better balanced. Whatever type of yoga you pursue, you’ll notice you’re not slouching at your desk so much, that dodgy shoulder you’ve struggled with for months will ease, and you’ll have a whole new flow of energy.

If you’re a committed functional fitness athlete, rower, cyclist or runner, yoga will boost your performance to a new level. You’ll be more mobile, have a stronger core, and any muscle imbalances will be smoothed out. There’s a reason why Crossfit games athletes, professional footballers, and Tour de France-winning cyclists practice yoga.

A range of practices available

Everyone wants different things from their yoga…. Some want to work out and feel energized, some want to find calm and become more mindful.

At Leo Yoga, you’re able to pick and choose classes for any yoga ambition, with our team of specialist instructors covering Vinyasa, Hatha and Restorative yoga, Pilates, Yogalates, and Meditation. You can dip in and out of what you want and need on that particular day! Find out more about all our different classes here.

With such a range of options available under one roof, practicing yoga at Leo is great for beginners who are still trying to figure out their yogi calling.

A thriving community

Our classes are small and personal, so you’ll soon get to know your fellow practitioners and coaches. We aim to make our class sizes intimate, but not empty. You have the headspace to relax, but you won’t feel lonely!

With Leo’s café available for you to eat, drink and unwind after a session with your fellow practitioners, you’ll make new friends quicker than you know it, and that will give you further reason and incentive to keep coming back.

Leo Yoga Beginners Course

To make your life a little easier, we’ve created a special four-session course to ease you into your 2020 yoga journey.

The Beginner’s Course is with our expert tutor Siri Arti, and will introduce you to the basic movements, postures, and breathing techniques of yoga. You’ll finish the four-week series of classes with all the knowledge and experience to really make the most of all our classes from there.

It’s a perfect way to start your year, and the first step you need in becoming an all-new you.

Ready to get started?

Sign up to our Beginners Course HERE! Four weeks for just £48!

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