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The journey from gross to subtle – awakening the ‘body of light’ 

A masterclass with Jeff Phenix

DATE: Sunday 1st November - TIME: 11.00am - 12.30pm 

COST: Studio £20.00 / Online £15.00

There is an old saying that sometimes ‘less is more’… and ironically yoga students tend to hold themselves back and limit their experience of yoga by trying too hard and overstraining with the breath and their bodies. We will look at how to evolve your experience and practice of yoga so that there is a fusion of the physical body with the spiritual mind and an unlocking of the inner subtle ‘body of light’.


When the ‘body of light’ moves the physical body, there is a lack of muscular effort or fatigue and movements are expanded into a fuller expression of the self. Using gravity to help create space and lightness – this synthesis of body and mind ride on the energy of the ‘body of light’.


Strong but soft, dynamic yet meditative – Jeff’s seriously playful teaching style will help you to find the right balance between doing and not doing, of effort and surrender.  -  When practising asana, Jeff skilfully offers a variety of appropriate options so that a wide range of students (from the more inexperienced to the more advanced), will have the opportunity to find an extra depth to their practice yet work peacefully at a level appropriate to them.


There is a wonderful freedom and presence when we let go of striving and over efforting - a place of truth and acceptance which is love and pure awareness. An awakening of our subtlest essence beyond our outer form - come and explore awakening the subtle inner ‘body of light’.

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Jeff has been practising yoga and meditation for over 20 years, has trained yoga teachers for many years on triyoga’s TT and currently on Yoga West’s and has received Yoga Alliance’s highest level of certification (E-RYT 500/senior teacher).


He has a seriously playful and mindful unique teaching style which is varied, creative and influenced by many different schools - including the emphasis on breath and movement of vinyasa flow, the precision of Iyengar, the heart orientated grace of Anusara and the spirituality and traditional philosophy of Jivamukti and Satyananda schools. He was a contributing author on the book ‘Everyone Try Yoga’ and teaches workshops, yoga weekends and retreats both in the UK and internationally. See  for more details.