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Kundalini & Cacoa Workshop with Siri Arti

Sunday 10th October - 2.30pm-3.30 pm


With the aid of ceremonial grade cacao, we will softly journey into places and spaces of the heart, using Kundalini yoga and Siri Arti as our guides.


This workshop can be used as self-care; self-development; community building and will contribute to your overall wellbeing.


Benefits of both cacao and kundalini are vast, suffice to say you will leave feeling connected, strong, alive and unconditionally loved.


Ritual and togetherness adds sparkle and joy.

Movement keeps us flexible and strong.

Cacao bridges our world between earthly and cosmic realms.

Connection conquers all.


What to Bring

yoga mat and sheepskin/blanket/cozy things

meditation cushion

water bottle

journal and pen



I am a lover of ceremony and witness alchemy when I merge this with my yoga teaching and training. Cacao is a soft and gentle medicine, which helps us drop out of the mind, and into the heart, for easier access to love and learning.

This will be explained clearly on the day and doses will be offered wisely and mindfully.

The cacao used is high quality ceremonial grade, sourced by Dom, and the made by me. It will be soft, delicious, smooth and heart centred.


Any questions on this before booking, feel free to email me:

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As a grounded and curious student of life, I observe silently and act boldly. I believe this is why I witness so much mystery and magic in daily life. My curiosity for life and yoga has taken me on extensive paths of continued teaching, studying and observing, and brought me to this stable platform from where I now work.

Having dived deeply into Kundalini Yoga 15 years ago, become a teacher and a trainer, and formulated my own system of education for peace, called Starchild Yoga, I now rest comfortably in profound, yet simplistic practices.

My teaching is both grounded and expansive, and my intention is to always offer students a closer connection to themselves. My objective is to empower, enrich and embrace through words, actions and of course my heart.