Join us for our monthly "Leo Circle Talks"! We at Leo Yoga are interested in offering a helpful and pragmatic approach to yoga, lifestyle and health. We hope these talks will be a place to weave inspiration and understanding into your yoga practice and integrate yoga into your lives.

The Truth of Yoga with Daniel Simpson

Virtual ~ Wednesday 19th May ~ 7.00 pm - 8.00 pm

How old is yoga, and when did it evolve into what it is now? What inspired it originally, and how is that linked to modern practice? This talk provides an overview of yoga’s history and its philosophy. We’ll see the big picture of what comes from where, as well as exploring why things change.

The talk is presented by Daniel Simpson, who teaches yoga philosophy at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies and on teacher trainings at Triyoga in London.


He’s also the author of The Truth of Yoga. Find out more at 

The Truth of Yoga is a clear, concise, and accessible handbook for the lay reader that draws upon abundant recent scholarship. It outlines these new findings with practitioners in mind, highlighting ways to keep traditions alive in the twenty-first century.