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Leading Your One Wild & Wonderful Life

Saturday 9th May ~ 1.00pm - 5.00pm ~ £98.00

Discover how to make the most of your one wild, wonderful life in this creative, intuitive, visionary workshop.

Uncover ideas and new directions to inspire your next 12 months ahead.


The Intuitive Vision Board is a collage of images created intuitively by you which highlights what wants to happen next and in what order.  It can lift your spirits, transform your outlook on life and make sure you don’t ignore what’s most important. Not by thinking about this but intuiting.  This can be life-changing.

Making a vision board in this intuitive right-brain way can help to:

·       Free your mind

·       Get clear about what you really want

·       Originate new possibilities

·       Be confident which path to take

·       Awaken your authentic self

·       Fulfil your life purpose

Agenda of the Day

1pm – Introduction to the theory

1.15pm - Mindfulness & preparatory creative warm ups

2.45pm – Tea break

3.00pm – Making a vision board

4.30pm – Gallery display of vision boards

4.45pm – Working with the boards

About Mary

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Mary Nondé is the mother of one.  She loves to explore the world.  Take in culture.  Dance at the drop of a hat.  Walk in nature.  Curl up with a good book.  And stay tuned to her body through Yoga and Pilates.


She is the inventor of the Intuitive Vision Board (IVB) and author of 'Awaken Your Intuitive Vision'.  


Mary studied for an MA in Somatic Arts Psychotherapy at the University of Chichester with Dr Jill Hayes, and Dance-Movement Therapy with notable teachers like Denise Linn (USA), Helen Poynor (UK), Miranda Tuffnell (UK), Claude Coldy (Italy), Anna Halprin (USA).


It was during her Masters degree as a mature student (first time around as an Anthropologist) she invented the creative process known as the Intuitive Vision Board.  


She began teaching her first workshops in 2008 and has delivered more than 200 workshops since to men, women and children.  It's a process that is achievable by anyone with a successful outcome every time.


Mary is on mission to help people and organisations understand the power and capability of our creative right-brain and our intuition in particular to find new ways forward and unlocking possibilities we never knew existed.