Transformational Evening Gong Bath
with Jackie King

Sunday 26th September 5pm - 6.30pm £25.00

Surrender yourself and dive deep into this workshop at the beautiful acoustic oasis, at Leo Yoga Marlow. You are invited to engage in ancient relaxation practices whilst bathing in calming and melodic frequencies, encouraging body, mind and soul to unwind, release and sink into an experience of bliss.

The Gong yoga techniques you will be practising, combine
Pranayama (breathwork), gentle movement, setting intentions, meditation and mat-based postures to help direct you toward a more meditative state. Therapeutic sounds are generated internally and around you with the help of her 4 large gongs, percussion instruments and chimes and much more, to encourage the body to find its natural equilibrium, whilst creating space in the mind for resolution, release and peace.

These are ancient healing and transformative practices which guide willing participants in the direction of their true nature from a place of comfort and harmony. Perfect for increasing strength, vitality, and mental clarity.

What to bring…
• Please wear comfortable clothing
• You may wish to bring your journal if you would like to record your thoughts during reflection at the end
• Mats, bolsters will be provided, please feel free to bring a blanket/pillow for extra comfort 

What are the benefits…Together with an element of self-reflection, these healing practices are designed to:
• Improve mood and memory
• Relieve anxiety, stress and deep-seated tensions
• Enable a change in perspective
• Provide support for emotional difficulties
• Promote a general sense of wellbeing
• Welcome a space for receiving intuitive guidance, clarity, direction and purpose
• Nourish and inspire creativity


Please note…
Please arrive a few minutes before the session start time.
Is this for you?
This workshop is suitable for all levels of experience and ages however there are some contra-indications to consider. If you are pregnant or have a pacemaker, this session is not suitable for you. If you have a severe mental health condition, please speak to Jackie on
07802 770150 to check if this session is right for you. If you wear hearing aids, please turn them off during the session.