Exploring Backbends - Finding length in the front body

Saturday 22nd May ~ 2.00 pm - 4.00pm ~ Studio £30.00 / Online £20.00

Backbends strengthen the spine and energise your body and mind. However, they can also be intimidating and challenging for many students. When practised mindfully with the correct technique they can help to relieve back pain and help build strong legs.

The workshop will include a flowing sequence designed to fully prepare your body for backbends. We will cover a variety of backbends, looking at mental and physical techniques to help you embrace the challenge of these postures & to enjoy the benefits they bring to your body & mind.

Within the flow, we will be bringing awareness and openness to the shoulders, hips, fronts of the thighs. When bending backwards, we need space in these areas of the body to allow for deeper backbends.

We will balance the opening of backbends with core stability to leave you feeling great!

Suitable for students with some experience of yoga.