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Functional Mobility Workshop with Sophie Cleere

Saturday 28th March - 11.00am - 2.00pm COST: £35.00

Learn how to bring strength work and joint stability into your practice.

Much of the yoga industry seems to have a huge focus on flexibility but very little emphasis on strength, active stretching and joint stabilisation. We want to have a mobile body, one that moves freely and without pain. In this workshop we will learn tools that we can bring into our practice to ensure we have a healthy balance between strength and flexibility.

This is an entirely non-traditional approach taking the focus away from binds and end range of movement being the goal.

N.B: this workshop will be totally applicable to Ashtanga yoga or any dynamic yoga practice be that Vinyasa, Hatha, Rocket, etc!

You will come away from this workshop with a bunch of new tools you can apply to your practice and a deeper understanding of what your unique body benefits from.



Sophie has been teaching yoga since 2009 and took her first class at the age of 17.

Her main discipline has been Ashtanga Yoga making countless trips to Mysore India.

In recent years Sophie has developed her learning and teaching to include different forms of yoga and movement including Iyengar Yoga, Feldenkrais and FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) and strength training.

She loves to teach outside of the box and empower the practitioner to enjoy their body in movement.