Beginners Yoga Course with Siri

Dates: Tuesday 27th July, 3rd, 10th & 17th August 

Time: 12.15pm - 1.15pm 

Start at the very beginning with this yoga course, created perfectly for complete beginners or people who have practised yoga occasionally.

It is also relevant for you if you need a reset, refresh or would just like to dive a little deeper behind the physical.

This 4-week course includes:

Gradual introduction to the alignment of basic postures for developing mindfulness, strength and flexibility.

An exploration into breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques.

Basic yoga philosophy.

Taking time, we will dive a little deeper into basic posture alignment, explore breathing exercises to manage your energy levels, and practice deep relaxation techniques for body, mind and spirit. Feelings of calmness and well-being will already be experienced after the first class and will deepen throughout the course.

Taught by experienced and supportive teacher Siri Arti, The Leo Yoga Marlow Beginners course intention is to provide you with the confidence and knowledge to safely attend any of our level 1 or level 1-2 yoga classes.

COST: £48.00