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Cultivating a soft and strong heart with Kundalini yoga

Saturday 16th May - 11.00am - 1.00pm - £12.50

With a focus on self-reflection and self-love, we will explore a yoga practice that takes us straight to the heart. A soft and open heart is a wonderful thing, but it is imperative that we strengthen this muscle too. We will journey to the center of ourselves through the magic and mystery of a Kundalini yoga kriya (a set of exercises strung together for an end result); a meditation for the heart and a deliciously nurturing  deep relaxation to absorb the jewels of the practice.

This workshop will offer you time for yourself, and healing that comes from the clear intention to move away from FEAR and straight to LOVE.

All levels welcome.

Bring an open mind, a desire to transform and the spirit to connect.

Workshop agenda  

11.00   check in and intro.

11.15   Yoga kriya

12.30 meditation & relaxation

13.00 Close


Description about Siri Arti as a teacher

Siri Arti is a teacher grounded in a life of practice. With a strong ability to meet her students, she gently takes them on a journey of self discovery, stopping along the way for a chat or a laugh, but nonetheless arriving at a place of deep destination. Her manner is open and exploratory, bringing simpicity and acceptance to the collective practice. As a yoga teacher, mother and and a lover of all humans, she let’s curiosity be her guide.