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A Kundalini Yoga Master Class – The Sacred Sacrum

Sunday 26th July 11.00 - 13.00 COST: £18.00pp

In this workshop will explore the anatomical idea of the sacrum and its importance, as well as the more poetic energetic ideas which we will then weave together seamlessly to invite self-inquiry.

We will take these images and ideas into a slow and mesmerizing yoga experience, using movement, meditation and mindfulness to enhance the experience.

We will explore yourself through the magic and mystery of a Kundalini yoga kriya (a set of exercises strung together for an end result); a meditation for contentedness and a deliciously nurturing deep relaxation to absorb the jewels of the practice, and restore and re-balance.

This workshop will provide 'you time' and healing that comes from having a clear intention to work and align body, mind and soul.

All levels welcome.

Bring an open mind, a desire to transform and the spirit to connect.

Agenda of the day

11.00 check in and intro.

11.15 Yoga set

12.30 meditation & relaxation

13.00 Close


About Siri Arti

As a grounded and curious student of life, I observe silently and act boldly. I believe this is why I witness so much mystery and magic in daily life. My curiosity for life and yoga has taken me on extensive paths of continued teaching, studying and observing, and brought me to this stable platform from where I now work.

Having dived deeply into Kundalini Yoga 15 years ago, become a teacher and a trainer, and formulated my own system of education for peace, called Starchild Yoga, I now rest comfortably in profound, yet simplistic practices.

My teaching is both grounded and expansive, and my intention is to always offer students a closer connection to themselves. My objective is to empower, enrich and embrace through words, actions and of course my heart.