DATE: Thursday July 29th
TIME: 7.00 - 8.30 pm

 Studio Cost: £20.00
Online Cost: £15.00


Learn to love and honour your amazing female cycle. By tuning in and listening to the subtle hormonal changes in our bodies throughout the month we can tap into this advantage for maximum gain in both our physical and emotional life. In this workshop we will learn the key nutrients and self-care practices which will honour each of our inner seasons, as well as explore yoga poses to support us throughout our cycle. You will discover how your female cycle is indeed your superpower!


Begin and welcome with breathing and body scan. 

Deep dive into each of our “inner seasons’ understand the effect of fluctuating hormones on our physical and emotional wellbeing and how to work in alignment with these seasons. All accompanied by yoga poses to help support – approx 35 minutes each season  

Q&A and discussion

Workbook and cycle tracker offered to each participant  



Izzy is a transformation health coach, holistic nutritionist and yoga teacher specialising in women’s health. I work closely with women helping empower them towards their health and wellbeing goals.