HIIT Yoga & Healthy Workshop Kristina Wo

HIIT & Healthy Workshop

with Kristina Carman

£15.00 Online 

Join Kristina for a high energy HIIT / Yoga session. We'll heat and energise and stretch and lengthen. 


Followed by a brief discussion on what to eat to support your health in 2021 followed by a Q&A session.


An ebook on a weeks 'food diary' example with recipes to be included. 

Kristina Headshot


Kristina is a passionate and fun yoga instructor with 20 years of self-practice and 12+ years teaching experience to guide students to their edge while remaining centred and self aware.

Her classes are a dynamic energetic vinyasa flow with a strong emphasis on remembering to breathe and to grow your body awareness and your self-reflection through flowing movement. 

Kristina has a background in dance and is a registered naturopathic nutritional therapist and long time yoga and barre teacher, not to mention a mum of two and runs her own business TinyFish Co.