Leo Yoga Studio



SATURDAY 2ND APRIL | 3.30PM - 6.00PM | £35

A Journey like no other

This experience combines the unique powers of Cacao, Yin and a Shamanic Sound Journey to cleanse, clear Anahata Chakra and raise our internal vibration through connecting to the vast knowingness that lives within each one of us.

Join Dominic Hatcher on the 2nd April 2022 at Leo Yoga Studio, Marlow as we make space for a deeper connection to our Self, invoking change and transformation.

Where we’re going
☕ We'll begin by imbibing the sacred medicine of Cacao through Ceremony and Prayer to connect us deeply to the source energy that lives within and around each one of us. Guided by the spirit of Mamma Cacao we will then explore a beautiful Yin practice to calm the mind and open the heart whilst inviting inner reflection into the Leo Yoga space.
🖤 The practice will be based around opening and balancing the heart, lungs and small intestines to help you digest any unresolved emotions and anything that is weighing heavy on your heart. This will in turn free you to experience more joy and connection to life from your heart centre, living from this soul empowered space.
🔮 The Shamanic Sound Journey will enable a deeper relaxation in the parasympathetic state whilst accessing the realms of the unconscious, uncovering that which was previously hidden to help you understand yourself and your life better.
🤍 Mats, blocks and bolsters will all be provided but feel free to bring your own cushions, rugs and blankets for your own cosy comfort.

We can’t wait for you to join us as we steady our hearts and minds to see us through these extraordinary times.

Disclaimer Sound Therapy is not advisable if you are in you first trimester of pregnancy, if you suffer from tinnitus or sound induced epilepsy or have recently had an operation. Recommended ages 11 and above - as long as you have the ability to lie still for extended periods. For any other health concerns, please seek advice from a doctor and contact one of the event hosts.
Contraindications of Cacao: Please contact Dom or Leo if you are pregnant, on SSRi’s or SNRi’s, have a heart condition, high blood pressure, hyper tension or are caffeine sensitive.