4 Week Beginners Yoga Course with Elly Held

Beginners Yoga with Elly.png

Studio Only ~ Every Monday from 17th May at 18.00 pm £48.00

Start at the very beginning with this yoga course, created perfectly for complete beginners or people who have practised yoga occasionally.

It is also relevant for you if you need a reset, refresh or would just like to dive a little deeper behind the physical.

This 4-week course includes:

Gradual introduction to the alignment of basic postures for developing mindfulness, strength and flexibility.

An exploration into breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques.

Basic yoga philosophy.

6 Week Parent & Baby Yoga Course with Joelle Pettitt

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Studio Only ~ Every Tuesday from the 18th May at 10.45 am £70.00 

6 weeks to crawling. Parent & Baby yoga offers quality physical stimulation including flowing postures, holding, movement, touch and deep relaxation. It induces a happy, carefree and lively parent-infant interaction which develops as the babies grow.

Leo Circle Talk:  The Truth of Yoga with Daniel Simpson

May - Leo Talk with Daniel Simpson Image

Virtual ~ Wednesday 19th May ~ 7.00 pm - 8.00 pm ~ Free Event

How old is yoga, and when did it evolve into what it is now? What inspired it originally, and how is that linked to modern practice? This talk provides an overview of yoga’s history and its philosophy. We’ll see the big picture of what comes from where, as well as exploring why things change.

The talk is presented by Daniel Simpson, who teaches yoga philosophy at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies and on teacher trainings at Triyoga in London. He’s also the author of The Truth of Yoga. Find out more at http://truthofyoga.com

Exploring Backbends - Finding length in the front body with Joelle Pettitt

May - Unlocking Backbends - Joelle Petti

Saturday 22nd May ~ 2.00 pm - 4.00pm ~ Studio £30.00 / Online £20.00

Backbends strengthen the spine and energise your body and mind. However, they can also be intimidating and challenging for many students. When practised mindfully with the correct technique they can help to relieve back pain and help build strong legs.

The workshop will include a flowing sequence designed to fully prepare your body for backbends. We will cover a variety of backbends, looking at mental and physical techniques to help you embrace the challenge of these postures & to enjoy the benefits they bring to your body & mind.

Leo Circle Talk:  Writing for Self-Expression & Clarity


Virtual ~ Wednesday 7th July ~ 6.30 pm - 7.30 pm ~ Free Event

Do you struggle to keep up a regular writing or journaling practice because you tell yourself “I’m not a writer”? No matter what you were told at school, everyone can be a writer. And the benefits of regularly writing for gentle self-enquiry are huge. In this workshop, we’ll discuss techniques to get started and release writer’s block, ways to improve your writing and banish imposter syndrome, as well as the crucial skill every good writer knows inside out: how to edit your own work.

Hip and Happy Hormones Workshop with Kristina Carman

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Wednesday 15th September ~ 6.00 pm - 8.00pm ~ Studio £25 ~ Online £15

In this workshop, we will start with a Slow Flow / Yin hormonal focused 45-minute class followed by a discussion and Q&A on how to support your hormonal health.

We will discuss menstruation, PCOS, thyroid and adrenal support through nutrition, food and lifestyle intervention.

Kristina is an E-RYT yoga & Barre Instructor and a Clinical Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist. She offers approachable, sustainable and accessible advice and support when it comes to your vibrant health and movement.