A Kundalini Yoga Master Class – The Sacred Sacrum

Sunday 26th July from 11.00am - 1.00pm

In this workshop will explore the anatomical idea of the sacrum and its importance, as well as the more poetic energetic ideas which we will then weave together seamlessly to invite self-inquiry.

We will take these images and ideas into a slow and mesmerizing yoga experience, using movement, meditation and mindfulness to enhance the experience.

We will explore yourself through the magic and mystery of a Kundalini yoga kriya (a set of exercises strung together for an end result); a meditation for centeredness and a deliciously nurturing deep relaxation to absorb the jewels of the practice, and restore and re-balance.

This workshop will provide 'you time' and healing that comes from having a clear intention to work and align body, mind and soul.

All levels welcome.

Bring an open mind, a desire to transform and the spirit to connect.



Every Wednesday in March from 4th - 25th March 2020

Start at the very beginning with this yoga course, created perfectly for complete beginners or people who have practiced yoga occasionally.

It is also relevant for you if you need a reset, refresh or would just like to dive a little deeper behind the physical.

This 4-week course includes:

Gradual introduction to the alignment of basic postures for developing mindfulness, strength and flexibility.

Exploration into breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques.

Basic yoga philosophy.

COST: Only £48.00 pp

POSTPONED EFT Tapping Workshop with Rachel Whitehead

Saturday 21st March 11.30am - 2.00pm 

Goodbye Anxiety and unwanted stress…. Hello calm

In this experiential and stress focused workshop you will learn tools to release and find freedom form negative emotions and old familiar patterns.  Some simple meditation techniques will also be taught to enable you to find peace with your mind.


11.15-11.30 arrival

11.30-12.45 talk/experience

12.45 short comfort break/refreshments

13.00 breakout practice

13.45 closing and feedback/questions


POSTPONED Functional Mobility Workshop with Sophie Cleere

Saturday 28th March 2020 11.00am - 2.00pm

Learn how to bring strength work and joint stability into your practice.

Much of the yoga industry seems to have a huge focus on flexibility but very little emphasis on strength, active stretching and joint stabilization. We want to have a mobile body, one that moves freely and without pain. In this workshop we will learn tools that we can bring into our practice to ensure we have a healthy balance between strength and flexibility.

This is an entirely non-traditional approach taking the focus away from binds and end range of movement being the goal.

N.B: this workshop will be totally applicable to Ashtanga yoga or any dynamic yoga practice be that Vinyasa, Hatha, Rocket, etc!

You will come away from this workshop with a bunch of new tools you can apply to your practice and a deeper understanding of what your unique body benefits from.

 POSTPONED Roll Release Restore Mini Retreat Afternoon with   Jackie King

Saturday 18th April 2.00pm - 4.00pm

Please join Jackie King, for an afternoon learning to tune into your body's... through a Roll, Release, Restore. Mini Retreat Afternoon.

Discover the magic of Yin Yoga and melt the stress away with this very special afternoon of workshops. Reset and take pause. Set in beautiful and peaceful setting of Leo Yoga, with a soft playlist you will be guided through a relaxing and energy balancing 60mins SMR ball release and foam rolling on the whole body, 60 minute Yin Yoga workshop. Great for athletes to non yogis.

This workshop is ideal if you want to deepen the understanding of your yin practice, de-stress and detox your mind and body or simply if you want to unwind after a working week.