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Raising Vibration Workshop with Kate Beatty

Sunday 13th December, Time: 11.00 am - 1.15 pm 

Studio Cost: £25.00

Online Cost: £20.00

My aim for this workshop is to raise our internal vibration and turn inwards towards the stillness and vastness within to see us through these extraordinary times. We will make space for change and transformation.


Collectively humanity is experiencing an epic shift, we are being asked to stand up and stand strong as we transition.


The season's change, the wheels keep turning and as the year comes to an end the Winter Solstice celebrates the rebirth of the sun and powerful energy of regeneration, renewal and self-reflection as we hold ourselves with compassion.


The practice will dive deep into kriya's, deep integrated asana practice with focus on the prana (life force) and vayus (movement of prana). 


A healthy dose of meditation to steady our hearts and minds to seal the practice. 

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Kate teaches traditional yoga practices including asana, pranayama, kriya and meditation with a focus on alignment and mindfulness. Expect a holistic experience of mind, body and spirit. Kate’s classes are dynamic and rhythmical, drawing on spiritual contexts. 

Kate has an honest and friendly approach that allows students to work safely to their full potential. Prepare to work hard, delve deep and come away feeling nourished and renewed.