DATE: Saturday June 26th
TIME: 8.00am - 1.00 pm


Join us for a fun day of yoga, talks, and refreshment tasters. On Saturday 26th June, Leo Yoga will open its doors for a day of relaxation, fun, nourishment, and community. This is our way of saying thank you to our amazing members for supporting us through Covid as well as inviting new faces to see what we're all about and what makes our Leo family so special.


Now introducing Izzy Walton! Izzy will be available for complimentary 15 minute private nutrition chats, all bookable via the below link. As well as a 30min talk 'unlock your inner superwomen', blissfully balanced hormones means improved digestion, better mood, glowing skin and saying goodbye to dreaded PMS plus reducing your chances of developing hormone influencing chronic illnesses. 

See below for the full timetable to book your free taster class (limited to one class per person). We will be offering treats, teas, and taster massages, see details below on how to book in. 

Sam Whitaker

8.30 AM - WITH SAM
A dynamic class that combines yoga asanas to cultivate strength, mobility and balance, with Pilates techniques to improve posture, core strength and create a stable foundation for movement. There will be a natural flow between postures and a focus on moving in time with the breath to help enhance mind and body awareness.

The class is suitable for all-levels.



This class combines high-intensity cardio-based flows to get your heart pumping and muscles energised, and slow-flow stretches in order to relieve tension and improve flexibility. It focuses on warming and toning the body first, moving into strength-based exercises targeting different muscle groups, and finishes with functional flexibility and mobility stretches. Expect a fun empowering and motivating class that uses fiery vinyasa flows. It is suitable for all levels, however, if you are completely new to yoga we suggest dropping us an email in advance of the class so that we can provide you with some basic tools to help you at the beginning of your journey.

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Blissfully balanced hormones means improved digestion, better mood, glowing skin and saying goodbye to dreaded PMS plus reducing your chances of developing hormone influencing chronic illnesses. 

Take charge of your cycle, tracking each day and growing awareness on everything you are doing and consuming and the effect it has on YOU.

Izzy will share tips and tricks on how to gravitate towards foods, drinks, yoga practices, people, environments and making choices which serve you at your best at various points throughout the month. Self empowerment here we come!

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10.45 AM - WITH FI

Open level class - beginners and seasoned yogis welcome! Refine your yoga practice and understand asana for YOUR unique body.

Vinyasa krama, hints, tips, and strength and mobility drills will have you moving beyond your perceived limitations! Learn from Fi, a senior yoga alliance teacher who enjoys teaching everyone in class as an individual. Together we will explore what each asana is teaching us. Mental focus, cultivating strength, mobility or flexibility, surrender or even conquering fear, unraveling the rich complexities AND the beautiful simplicity of yoga!

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11.30 AM - WITH AGGI

This talk is ideal for those who are always on the go, perhaps you are drawn to a faster more dynamic class and need help to slow down from time to time. Aggi's unrelenting energy means she can completely relate to those with a busy mindset and she lives and feels the benefits of taking time to check-in, slow down and relax. Join Aggi for some tips and tricks to help you on a journey to an inner state of peace and a lovely introduction to her Monday evening class.


12.00 PM - WITH KIM

Your mind will be so engaged with what's going on with your body—balance, placement, alignment—that it will forget about the heat. Expect to sweat. You will want to bring two towels with you!

This class
Improves flexibility. ...
It Burns more calories. ...
Builds bone density. ...
Reduces stress. ...
Eases depression. ...
Provides a cardiovascular boost. ...
Reduces blood glucose levels. ...
Nourishes the skin.




Book in for 15-minute back and neck taster massages with Gina from 10am - 12pm for just £10. Gina trained with the North London School of Sports Massage (NLSSM) and has obtained the highest qualification, BTEC Level 5 Diploma in 

Gina specialises in treating some of the most common sports injuries, assisting athletes in their training journey for particular events in order to prevent injuries, and also helping clients with the relief of everyday aches and pains from occupational or life stress.




Book in for 15minute private chat with the lovely Izzy. Vibrant health is available to everyone and it is your right to feel and be your best possible self and Izzy is here to guide you on the start of your journey. 

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