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Leo Yoga is run with heart for everybody and every body. Leo is a feel-good community that believes in good energy, inclusivity and the power of connection. Our goal is to cultivate calm minds and strong bodies.


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Leo's signature flow classes are creative and fluid where mindful movement and rhythmic breathing come together and ends with the most gorgeous savasana. The ultimate reset. Leave feeling energised and replenished.



Our Barre class will tone and sculpt your entire body with small, rhythmic movements to strengthen and lengthen those arms, legs and abs. Feel good moves and feel good grooves all the way! 

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A beautiful slow and grounding yoga practice using blankets, bolsters and blocks with long holds (up to 5 minutes) to soften and stretch into deeper, more subtle layers of the body and surrender into stillness. 

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The ultimate self-care class, where mindful movement and rhythmic breathing come together and ends with the most gorgeous savasana. Leave feeling nourished and replenished.

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Our HIIT yoga fusion classes are next level yoga flow's for when you’re ready to take the challenge. Think of it as a flow class with added spice! Heart-pumping, full body, cardio yoga fun! Sweaty, strong and serious sizzle. 

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Power yoga is a strong and dynamic class. Tone, sculpt, balance and sweat! You’ll leave feeling powerful in both body & mind.

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A class to engage your body and mind, keeping you fully focused as you work on balance and alignment in this heated class.    

The challenge of working in the heat will encourage resilience and build stamina. The heat encourages the  body to move more freely, creating an agile, supple body. 

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Ease your self in to our gentle exploration of yoga. A great way to introduce yourself to yoga or attend a class with zero expectations, except showing up. Leave this session feeling stronger, wiser and more confident in your yoga practise.  

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Our Mat Pilates classes incorporate low-impact exercises with big results. Designed to improve your overall strength and stability, alignment and posture whilst toning and sculpting those muscles you didn’t know you had. Each class is engaging, challenging and will focus on building a toned, strong, stable body. Trust us, it’s harder than you think! 

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