Kundalini Master Class Image.PNG

 Reaching You in You

Saturday 4th April - 1.30pm - 4.00pm

COST: £30.00

Deeply dive towards yourself, using the magic and mystery of Kundalini Yoga. This technology of personal mastery, delivered with sensitivity and experience by Siri Arti, is best explored with time and patience.

During the two and a half hour session, we will slow down time, and explore specific themes to bring you closer to yourself and the natural world that surrounds you. This work will give you a chance to pause and choose self care above anything else in that moment.

It will offer you a sweeter version of life, re-balance your system and connect you to a wider network of beautiful humans – the growing Leo community.


An extended practice of Kundalini yoga, including: 


Connecting in the circle to explore the theme of the month and the basics of Kundalini Yoga.


A kundalini yoga practice is seeped in the sacred technology of sound current.


specific breathing exercises to work with the theme.


including warm ups and specific asana practice.


Specifically chosen to work with the theme.

Deep relaxation

The golden time to reflect, restore and re-balance.


Mindfully wrapping up the practice and the theme to send you on your way.