Join us for our monthly "Leo Circle Talks"! We at Leo Yoga are interested in offering a helpful and pragmatic approach to yoga, lifestyle and health. We hope these talks will be a place to weave inspiration and understanding into your yoga practice and integrate yoga into your lives.

Why a '360' approach is key to vibrant health talk

Wednesday 21st April ~ 6.30 pm - 7.30 pm 

Holistic Health describes an approach that considers all areas in someone's life that contribute to wellness and contentment - body, mind and spirit. When one area is imbalanced, this will show up in other areas.


This is particularly important to remember in our yoga practice where we seek to nourish our whole beings not just our physical bodies. 


Come and join us to find out more about this topic with Izzy Walton.


Izzy is a naturopathic health coach, yoga teacher, and holistic nutritionist.

'For as long as I can remember I have wanted to help people 'get healthy and happy' - I cooked and shared recipes and natural self-care tips with my friends and family from a young age. As a health coach I offer this through a holistic approach including whole plant foods, mindful movement and self-care but mainly through helping cultivate a positive mindset and empowering my clients to achieve their health goals and committing to them. I have just completed additional training in NLP and Hypnosis to better help my clients with mindset empowerment and addressing limiting beliefs.'

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