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In Studio Ashtanga Vinyasa - Led Full Primary Series 

Sunday 20th December~ 11.00am - 12.45pm ~ £20.00

In a Led Primary Series class, the teacher calls out the postures and vinyasas (counted movements linking the postures with the breath) of the Ashtanga Primary Series.

The group moves and breathes together in sync. These are focused, highly energetic classes and recommended for students with an existing yoga practice.

A Led Primary Series class is effective in flushing away unconstructive self-practice habits such as a wandering mind, losing the connection with the breath, or fidgeting between postures, and provides an opportunity to refine your practice by following the ‘count’ as it is traditionally prescribed.

Ideal for individuals who already have an Ashtanga practice. It is not recommended as a starting point to explore the Ashtanga Vinyasa method given the level of difficulty of this class.

This session included an extended relation to end.

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Fiona dipped her toe in the Ashtanga waters 16 years ago with a weekly ashtanga class. “I was an incredibly strong but super stiff with knackered knees!”

Fiona was soon compelled to start practicing traditional Mysore Ashtanga yoga at Ashtanga yoga London. This eventually led her to take two trips to Mysore, south India to learn from the Guru.